• InfoCRAFT Dashboards and Reporting Engine

    Dashboards and Reporting Engine is a standard Module in all Viziblex Offerings and are also available independently. Viziblex Dashboards are bespoke and completely drawn up from Customer Requirements taking into account the data available, the information required and Key Performance Indicators that need be tracked. A ready underlying design of the dashboards with existing connectors mean less turn around time and greater RoI for our customers.
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    Connectors to Various Established ERP Solutions

    Viziblex Solutions work with existing ERP Solutions which include SAP Business One, SAP’s SME targeted ERP Solution. Technical Team at InfoCRAFT tirelessly works towards integrating more solutions with Viziblex, trying to lower the total costs of ownership for an SME to deploy and use a solution which can provide insights into their business and more importantly is an aide to the management, helping them take decisions.

Viziblex ERP for In House Planning


InfoCRAFT Viziblex is seamlessly integrated ERP Solution which uses the reporting and dashboards to crunch data and present the same in the abridged manner to the management or users who need summarized data. Viziblex’s capabilities include summarizing and fetching the details when requested and presenting to the users in need of detail.